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                        Road Safety Strategy in South Africa

                        Road Safety Strategy in South Africa 

                        National Road Safety Strategy: 2006 Onwards

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                        Table of Contents


                        Cover, contents and executive summary

                        Part 2

                        Part One: The South African 2006 Context
                        Part Two: Targets

                        Part 3

                        Part Three: Strategic Imperatives
                        Part Four: Current challenges

                        Part 4

                        Part Five: The Strategy

                        Part 5

                        Part Six : Conclusion
                        Part Seven: Resourcing



                        The Road to Safety 2001- 2005

                        The “Road to Safety Strategy “ was launched November 2001 by the Minister of Transport at the time, Minister Dullah Omar.

                        • The objective of the Strategy was to reduce crashes, deaths and injuries on South Africa’s roads by 5% year-on-year until the year 2005
                        • The plan has set out a plan of action, and identified key deliverables, which should have ensured timeous delivery on the commitments made in the strategy.
                        • Four key thematic areas, namely traffic law enforcement and law compliance; operator, vehicle and driver fitness; infrastructure, management and information systems; and communication, public education and participation were defined as areas of action.

                        Nine project teams were identified to ensure that the Road to Safety Strategy is implemented, namely

                        • Arrive Alive
                        • Driver Fitness
                        • Vehicle Safety
                        • Pedestrian Safety
                        • Fraud and Corruption
                        • Traffic Information Systems
                        • Fleet Operations Management
                        • Professionalism in the Traffic Fraternity
                        • National Traffic Information and Call Centre

                        Click here for the Road to Safety Strategy document

                        Road to Safety Strategic Plan 2006-2009

                        In 2006 Road Safety has been addressed by the Minister of Transport, Minister Radebe in the Department of Transport Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is more than a mere road safety plan, and focuses on service delivery through the implementation of the principles of Batho Pele across all spheres of Transport. The following areas of delivery have been identified:

                        • Public transport infrastructure and operations for 2001 and beyond
                        • Public Transport
                        • Freight
                        • Roads
                        • Transport Regulation

                        For a better understanding of the Strategic Plan 2006 -2009, click on the following PDF Files :

                        Part 1:

                        Part 2:

                        • Foreward by the Minister
                        • Strategic Overview and Key Policy Developments: 2006/09
                        • Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Objectives
                        • Legislative Mandates

                        Part 3:

                        • Service Delivery
                        • Service Delivery and Regulation through Public Entities
                        • Budget Programs and Sub Program Plans

                        Part 4:


                        Programme 1:
                        Administration, Ministry of Transport, Communication Services, Management Services and Financial Services 
                        [ PART 1 ] [ PART 2]

                        Progamme 2:
                        Transport Policy, Research and Economic Analysis

                        Programme 3:
                        Transport Regulation and Accident and Incident Investigation

                        Programme 4:
                        Integrated Planning and Inter-sphere Coordination
                        [ PART 1] [ PART 2]

                        Programme 5:
                        Public Transport
                        Part 5:

                        Programme 6:
                        Transport Logistics and Corridor Development

                        Programme 7:
                        Public Entity Oversight and Economic Regulation

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